A new garden….

It’s been a busy few months….

Out of the blue I was given the opportunity to move to a small parish just outside of town.  A small  community with no shops or pubs and a history dating back to the 11th century.  A step in right direction, out of urban mania into a quiet semi-rural setting. A prefect opportunity to continue down the track to living more sustainably.


Although not much to look at the moment, I now have the large garden I have been hoping for.  Plenty room to grow a wildlife friendly space, food and develop an area for a ‘forest garden’.  I have already planted some Wild Garlic and English Bluebell bulbs (wildflowershop.co.uk).


With the Winter Solctice almost upon us and the days about to lengthen, I can feel the excitement  and anticipation stirring. The days are about to slowly lengthen, new shoots and buds are awaiting their moment, and I look forward to watching my new garden emerge from her winter slumber.

Wishing you all warm blessings and a Merry Yuletide

Sal x

Wild Food and Medicinal Coastal Walk…

Towards the end of last month I took part in a group walk around the salt marshes and sandbanks on Cleethorpes beach. The walk was led by Emma from Herbs for Health and Well Being who is a Western Medicinal Herbalist.

We discovered and learned about a variety of plants/trees which could be eaten and which ones could be harvested for medicine. A few I knew about like red clover, camomile and of course blackberries, and then there were a few I had no idea were edible including plantain, sea buckthorn and marsh samphire.

Now, as a result of this walk, I find myself looking around all the wild areas where we go walking and pointing out the edible plants… “Look!! you can eat this one… and this!!” Who new chamomile grew so abundantly around Lincolnshire? I must remember to look up at the sky and the wonderful views from time to time though, because they are pretty breathtaking.


A simple life.


In an increasingly consumer driven world, I have found myself taking a step back to follow a more modest way of life. Preferring  vintage over new, rustic over modern and handcrafted over manufactured.

For me, together with my hubby, we would like to work toward living sustainably, growing and foraging for food, becoming more self-sufficient, recycling, reusing, mending and making.

At the moment we live in an urban location with a small concrete backyard and little space…. although we do have the most wonderful surroundings. With the Humber Estuary to one side and the Lincolnshire Wolds to the other, there is no shortage of inspiration to motivate a desire to live a more sustainable, humble style of living. Hopefully in the very near future, a dream of living in a more rural setting with enough space for growing and raising food for the family will become a reality. For now, I will continue to grow, learn and celebrate the ways of a simplified life.

The plan is, that the blog will work in two ways… firstly as a visual type diary into living more simply, and second an invitation for you to follow along the way 🙂



No longer living with a small concrete backyard with little space as we moved about 6 miles to the outskirts of town, to a semi-rural parish, where we now have a large garden with plenty of room for growing food. Lots of work to be done but we are looking forward to the challenge……